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Healthy Conditions is a lifestyle medicine healthcare clinic designed to help you take charge of your health. We help you optimize your health and reduce risk for chronic diseases. We work together to inspire and empower you to increase your vitality and live a more joyful life. Hablamos Español.


Individualized Healthcare


Evidence-Based Medicine



Turn Your Health Around and Take Back Your Life.

Lifestyle medicine is a medical specialty that utilizes therapeutic lifestyle interventions to treat and even reverse chronic conditions in some cases.


Physical Activity

Restorative Sleep

Stress Management

Healthy Relationships

Avoidance of Risky Substances

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Prevention And Health Optimization

Through our Learn & Live Lifestyle Change Program, we can offer valuable knowledge on preventive measures you can use today to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Treating and Even Reversing Chronic Conditions

Clinicians use evidence-based medicine and knowledge of the psychology of behavioral change to help members take control of their health. Chronic conditions we can treat include, but are not limited to,

Weight Management

Optimizing Your Health

Type - II Diabetes Mellitus

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

High Cholesterol

Cardiovascular Disease


Meet Dr. Yeganeh

Dr. Yeganeh is dedicated to providing exceptional care for his patients that encompasses the entire well-being of the person. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and genuinely improving the lives of his patients.

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How can I get started?

Get started today on your wellness journey, schedule your initial consultation with our team.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment & Physical Exam

This appointment is a 45-60 minute consultation with a medical doctor. This visit focuses on allowing the physician to conduct a thorough assessment. We’ll establish health goals, collect objective data, conduct a physical exam, order a relevant laboratory workup and determine what you hope to achieve through our services.

Individualized Health Analysis, Report & Treatment Plan

Essentially a part II to the initial consultation, this visit lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. It allows us to discuss test results from the initial visit and deliver our comprehensive report after evaluating your case in detail.

Membership Packages

Membership packages are 12-month commitments, charged each month. Patients may choose to pay the annual cost in full for a ten percent discount.


At Healthy Conditions, our goal is to help you turn your health around and take back your life. One way we achieve this is through our Learn & Live Lifestyle Change Program.