What we do at Healthy Conditions

At Healthy Conditions, our goal is to help you take back your health. We use evidence-based medicine to create a lifestyle plan optimized to improve your overall health and transform your life.

Our services include:

Prevention, treatment, and reversal of lifestyle-dependent chronic illnesses

By analyzing your whole body health, we can get a deeper understanding of symptoms affecting you and what may be triggering them. We’ll provide you with a personalized, clinician-led plan to help you manage and, in some cases, even reverse disease so you can avoid worsening issues.


Obesity and overweight consultations and management

First and foremost, we recognize overweight and obesity as the chronic diseases that they are. This allows us to tackle these conditions with the compassion and expertise necessary to achieve lasting results over your lifetime. With board certification in Obesity Medicine, your doctor will employ the latest knowledge and training in making a thorough assessment before designing a weight loss plan tailored specifically for you. We’ll provide you unconditional support, education, and action, to help you reach your goals. Our evidence-based approach will help you understand how making overall lifestyle changes impacts your weight, which in turn affects your overall health. If deemed necessary, medications may be prescribed or even metabolic surgery (weight-loss surgery) recommended. These pharmacologic and surgical recommendations will not be made without a thorough assessment, which your doctor will discuss with you in detail. Our plans help you achieve sustainable weight loss, personalized for you.

Learn & Live Lifestyle Change Program

Ready to make dramatic lifestyle changes? Our Learn & Live Lifestyle Change Program is designed to give you all the tools, education, and support you need to get off to a strong and life-affirming start. With a mix of in-person and online educational sessions, you do not need to be a member to sign up for this life-changing program. Over two weeks, we will guide you in laying the building blocks for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


Health Coaching

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult on your own. Our health coaches are here to help you every step of the way, from crafting plans to being your biggest cheerleaders.


Second opinion consultations

It can be frustrating going from doctor to doctor without getting the answers your body deserves. At Healthy Conditions, we aim to locate the root causes of your issues and help you finally take back your health.


Culinary classes

We don’t just tell you what you should eat; by partnering with local chefs we help you learn how to prepare and cook it, too. Our experts carefully cultivate culinary classes to provide delicious, healthy meals that support your health.


Educational talks

We provide access to educational talks, with a focus on evidence-based medicine to help motivate and inform you along your health journey.

Shared medical visits

Shared medical visits are voluntary visits that involve multiple members seen as a group, oftentimes with more than one health professional. These visits will typically focus on follow-up care with regard to the management of chronic conditions. Seeing people in groups allows us to provide interactive settings for members to share experiences and advice while benefiting from several experts at the same time.