weight loss medicine atlanta ga

What is obesity medicine?

Obesity medicine provides comprehensive care to members suffering from overweight or obesity by combining evidence-based medicine with individualized treatment. We’ll combine nutrition, physical activity, behavioral changes, and medication to guide you towards a healthier weight.

What are the four pillars of weight loss medicine?

The four pillars of obesity medicine are:


We help you focus on healthier food choices that include the nutrients your body needs to function optimally.

Physical activity

Exercise has many health benefits, including helping us achieve our optimal weight. Our team will help you determine an exercise goal and then craft a plan to meet that goal. Adding additional physical activity to your day can help you reap the health benefits and maintain a healthy weight.


Your behavior directly affects your weight loss. Incorporating healthy behaviors, such as healthy eating and increasing physical activity, are crucial to maintaining weight loss. Meal planning, restorative sleep, and exercise are all ways you can help your weight loss journey.


Weight-loss medications are part of the treatment plan in obesity medicine. These medicines can aid in weight loss, and some prevent further weight gain. After a thorough assessment, your obesity medicine specialist will help determine which medications can provide the optimal results for you.