Pegah Moghaddam, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified EMDR Therapist

Dr. Pegah Moghaddam is the founder of Living Fully Psychological Services, LLC and The MIND & SHIFT © Model of emotional processing through introspection and  self-inquiry.  She is a psychologist specializing in trauma work, grief and loss, and concerns around disordered eating and body image.

Pegah is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and has additional training in Natural Processing, which combines Somatic Experiencing with EMDR. Pegah’s passions lie in helping individuals live their fullest lives, through intentional introspective processes that combine mindfulness, radical acceptance, and habit development for optimal health.


The MIND & SHIFT © Model of emotional processing through introspection and self-inquiry is a behavioral and emotional processing tool that fosters a fully-lived and nourished life. We invite all who are inclined to develop a deeper understanding of the processes that advance their own mental and emotional well being to learn about and begin practicing this model with us. We will share insights from behavioral psychology, introspective journaling, and mindfulness practices to support your psychological advancement. This process, when practiced regularly, will help you to gain self-awareness, knowledge and skills to manage daily stressors, process emotional struggles, and cultivate a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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Megan McCarthy

Healthy Lifestyle Luminary and Chef

Megan McCarthy is a healthy lifestyle consultant, influencer and chef teaching you how to prepare healthy, delicious foods and incorporate them into your everyday eating lifestyle. Her creative culinary experience and enthusiasm bring healthy foods to life while putting you at ease in the kitchen. She is the Edible Garden Chef at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and creates recipes focusing on simple, fast, and fresh ways to enjoy the local and seasonal edible abundance. She is the Founder and Chef of Healthy Eating 101 showing the easiest ways to incorporate nutritious foods into a healthy eating lifestyle. She is also a “Have A Plant” Ambassador for the Produce for Better Health Foundation promoting fruit and vegetable consumption for everyone. Fun and frolic in the healthy lifestyle kitchen is what she brings to your table!

Recently voted “Best Cooking Classes” in Atlanta with her unique and healthy perspective on food and lifestyle.  She writes recipes for several national food brands and is a personal chef/instructor for those looking for a healthy food transformation in their everyday life.

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