Take Back Your Health

Healthy Conditions uses a direct pay subscription model, making it easy for our members. You will always know the amount you owe because it will not fluctuate. You will pay the same fee each month.

What will my monthly subscription fee cover? We have varying monthly plans, depending on your needs. Direct pay and subscription-based models make the actual cost of care clear. Members fully understand the value of the care they are receiving.

We do not accept insurance, which allows us to:

  • Eliminate the need for additional staff, which allows us to pass these savings on to the member.
  • Focus on our members – without having the paperwork and additional work of submitting claims, our staff and physicians can focus solely on treating our members.
  • Provide what our members need, as determined by our physician, rather than what insurance is willing to cover.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment & Physical Exam

This appointment is a 45-60 minute consultation with a medical doctor. This visit focuses on allowing the physician to conduct a thorough assessment. We’ll establish health goals, collect objective data, conduct a physical exam, order a relevant laboratory workup and determine what you hope to achieve through our services.

Individualized Health Analysis, Report & Treatment Plan

Essentially a part II to the initial consultation, this visit lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. It allows us to discuss test results from the initial visit and deliver our comprehensive report after evaluating your case in detail. We will:

  • Discuss current diagnoses
  • Discuss new diagnoses (if discovered after the initial visit)
  • Discuss current medications
  • Review the member’s current health status
  • Discuss the treatment goals and plans for both the long and short term
  • Make specific recommendations about each pillar of lifestyle medicine
  • Provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations and highlight path towards health optimization

Membership Packages

We extend an invitation to our membership program to those who have completed the above first two visits. Memberships are 12-month commitments. Members may choose a fixed monthly rate or opt to pay the annual cost in full for a ten percent discount.


The Saffron Package

  • 12 Follow-Up Visits
  • 1 Culinary class
  • 12 telephone check-ins
  • 16 health coaching sessions
  • Access to sign up for shared medical appointments (with six included)
  • One 2-hour pantry makeover
  • 1 smart grocery run
  • Access to monthly educational talks


The Turmeric Package

  • 6 Follow-up visits
  • 1 Culinary class
  • 10 telephone check-ins
  • 12 health coaching sessions
  • Access to sign up for shared medical appointments
  • One 1-hour pantry make-over
  • 1 smart grocery run
  • Access to monthly educational talks


The Paprika Package

  • 6 Follow-up visits
  • 1 Culinary class
  • 6 Telephone check-ins
  • Access to shared medical appointments
  • Access to monthly educational talks

We offer the following services that can be purchased as add-ons to any existing package (available for existing members only):

  • Learn & Live Lifestyle Change Program (Membership not required)
  • Shared Medical visits
  • Culinary classes
  • Pantry make-over
  • Smart grocery shopping
  • Health coaching packages
  • Group sessions led by a healthcare professional for behavioral change support and community connections
  • Follow up visit with doctor