At Healthy Conditions, our goal is to help you turn your health around and take back your life. One way we achieve this is through our Learn & Live program (an educational, intensive therapeutic lifestyle change program).

What is the Learn & Live program?

Our Learn & Live program revolves around knowledge and action. This two week educational program is completely virtual, making access easy from anywhere.

  • Sessions are live, and interactive.
  • We meet several times throughout each of the two weeks (with optional live sessions available for those who may have further questions about what they have learned).
  • Sessions are delivered by experts, including Dr. Yeganeh (MD), and Dr. Moghaddam (Psy. D.).
  • Includes a culinary session with renowned Atlanta based Chef!
  • All material taught is evidence-based.

We emphasize healthful nutrition and movement, as well as focus on psychological factors that can contribute to our health. We teach skills that will assist you in implementing the changes you want to make, as well as how to maintain these changes as part of your lifestyle. When we become aware of how the choices we make affect our bodies, whether positive or negative, we can understand what we may need to do to make a change and take back our health.

Why does it work?

When you make healthier choices, you feel better. It’s a simple thought, but one that can be difficult to put into action. But when changes are all-encompassing, rather than just taking on the latest fad diet or workout trend, they become more meaningful and are easier to maintain. We couple education with support, giving you the confidence you need to act. Instead of trying to motivate you, we help you create the conditions in which you can motivate yourself. We help people go from being fearful about their health to being joyful about living their lives.

What can the program do?

Our Learn & Live program can help you take steps to take back your health. Lifestyle change programs are effective in promoting healthier choices, and implementing habits in our day to day lives that move us towards our health goals. Among the many things you will learn with our program, you will:

  • Learn about preparing and eating healthier food that actually tastes good!
  • Hear an MD share facts vs fiction about the current popular diets and claims made in the media.
  • Learn how to prioritize your health, including your mental health.
  • Learn how to not only implement new, healthy habits, but also maintain them.
  • Learn in detail about sleep hygiene, and how sleep impacts our health.
  • Learn about mindfulness.
  • Learn how different aspects of our lifestyle are impacting our health.

At Healthy Conditions, we want to help you make the changes necessary to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Our Learn & Live program can help you achieve that.

Disclaimer: The Learn & Live program is an educational program, and NOT intended to be used for medical diagnosis, medical treatment or medical advice. We encourage participants to consult with their healthcare provider prior to starting the program.

We are happy to offer our medical services via our consults and memberships to those interested. For further information please contact our offices.